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Konnect With Blockchain

What is blockchain

 A cryptocurrency is an encrypted decentralized digital currency transferred between peers and confirmed in a public Ledger called a blockchain. A cryptocurrency is impossible to counterfeit because of this security feature period a defining feature of a cryptocurrency and arguably its most enduring Allure is its organic nature it is not issued by any Central Authority rendering it theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation. In simplest terms Bitcoin is an open source software for decentralized peer-to-peer payment system.

The blockchain records every single transaction of present and past in the ownership of every single coin in circulation blockchain provides an open decentralized database with any transaction involving value the transaction data is recorded on the blockchain which serves as a digital Ledger a block is the current part of the blockchain which record some or all transactions each time a block is completed a new when it's generated. There are countless number of blocks connected to each other like links in the chain and properly near chronological order. 


 Our investment is in you.  We have acquired much knowledge on our path of understanding cryptocurrency in blockchain and what it means for our future.  We like to simplify the complex and guide you in the direction that makes sense for you.  Our goal is to ensure any interested mine has a basic understanding of the digital Revolution 

Strategize before you capitalize

  Now before you begin you want to do some research on strategies for purchasing your coins of Interest YouTube and articles found through Google searches are viable sources that you can use to cross reference other people's opinions and Analysis made by experts I use the term experts very you too loosely. Each coin represents the current value of a company's or groups Collective ideas and plans they tend to implement using the new blockchain technology the more information you have on your corn and the Creator's the more secure you can feel about your Investments you also will want to research different investment and trading strategies. There are long-term trading strategies as well as short-term ones which can range from yearly trading and holding to changing by the minute. Each exchange will give specific information about The Chosen Commodities such as the total monetary volume currently being traded the last list price and which the commodity was value the high and low in the last 24 hours or Charter graph ranging from a one minute time frame up to a month and order book as well as different tools and indicators that help in any lysing chart data. Learning chart patterns and Trends can greatly improve your success rate and profit loss ratio


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